Saturday, August 05, 2006

Enough! Di! Halas!

Just yesterday morning I was talking to my neighbor about the situation, and how I would wake up every morning wondering if this would be the day when Hezbollah had put our area in its sights. It appears that yesterday was that day, as I experienced my first siren yesterday afternoon (which was apparently a false alarm, but nevertheless sent us scurrying into our safe room), followed up by another one on the evening, just as we had set the table and my husband was grilling our dinner on the barbecue.

Yes, it would seem that we are now officially in range, as Hezbollah sent a number of missiles into Hadera last night. I didn't actually here the booms (as they are referred to here), but our more experienced refugees from the north confidently reported hearing two. I suppose I always expected that it would reach us eventually, but it's hard to believe that it's actually happened. I can feel how tense I am, and I wonder what we'll do if there will be more missiles falling in the area. I imagine that we will uproot as well, and head to the relations living south of Tel Aviv. I cannot see a situation where we will stay if things get bad here – just thinking about it makes me nervous. On the other hand, I worry about us leaving, and about something happening to our home. I know it's just property, just things, but it is our property and our things, all inextricably linked to the memories that make up our life here.

It's now just after 10:30 in the morning, and if my understanding the translation from Hezbollah's Al Manar television station is correct, we may be seeing another missile attack on Hadera in the next hour or so. My stress levels are sky high, as all the tension I've been feeling throughout the course of this war seems to be coming to a head this morning. Thoughts are screaming petulantly in my head – I just want it all to be over already! I don't know how, and I have no solutions, but pretty much anything has to be better than the paralysis that has gripped northern Israel, a region whose borders seem to be moving farther and farther south with each passing day, and all of this death and destruction that just grows worse and worse, closer and closer. I am sick to death of watching our region burn, and I don't care whose fault it is. Citizens on both sides have suffered far too much, and if I hear one more war mongering talking head I'm going to scream.

Enough! Di! Halas!


Yael K said...

I am sick of it and I'm feeling for you very strongly right now. I'd offer you space in my apartment but we're not that much further to the south.

Even though I'm sick of it and want it to be over, I don't just want it to be over to be over. I don't want a situation where yes, it is over, but only temporarily. A situation where we'll all be repeating this a few years down the road. It really hit me the other day that not a single generation of children has grown up in Israel without going through a war and attacks such as we are experiencing now on our country. Not a single generation.

So what I want is for it to be over but only when we can guarantee that our current generation of children will not go through this again in a couple of years, nor the next generation, at least on our northern border.

Arik said...

Well, to be honest, I think there isn't such a big difference if you move south a few miles... the truth is "we" have no where to run to...
Instead, I for example put my stakes on statistics. Out of more than 2000 deadly rockets (and counting) that have hit the ground/building/you name it, only few caused injuries or death (yet in some incidents one rocket killed 8 persons). This means that there is a low chance of getting hurt by that kind of attack. On the other hand when you (in a person) are hit - it is 100% sure hit... no doubt about it :(

Having said that, living in Israel requires a lot of faith no matter what the odds are. It has been like that for more than 140 years (since the first "Aliya") and it will probably stay like that for the next few (or much more) more years.

"Hizki Ve'Imtzi"

Beth said...

Stay safe.

RR said...

This sucks. I'm so sorry for what you're going thru and I hope you don't end up having to leave your home- though we might be in the same boat soon. If the rockets are indeed moving farther south, then we could be next. It's so scary.

I, too, wish the whole damn thing was over already, but I have to agree with Yael- we don't want a repeat of this in a few months or years.

lisoosh said...

Where are you (e-mail me)? I used to live on Maagan Michael.
I agree with Yael (although you could say it is easy for me to talk). It would be worse to leave with Hez more powerful and in charge that to finish what is started, as much as that is possible.
Lets hope for really good intelligence (no mistakes) and a speedy end.

Savtadotty said...

Just keep on keepin' on. At least we have better coffee than the preceding generations. And you know about what can happen when "the trains run on time."

Liza said...

yael k: We couldn't take you up on your offer anyway, as our dog probably wouldn't like the cats, except in a snacky, appetizerish sort of way.

I know you're right, but it's very frustrating all the same. It seems that no matter how hard we fight and how many soldiers we lose, that we just aren't getting anywhere. In the meantime, so many people are dying and being displaced, so much is being destroyed. I'm having serious moments of lost faith.

arik: True when it comes to the big picture, but if I can keep my family safe for the time being by relocating South of Tel Aviv, if it's necessary, I'll do it. Very true about the odds, especially when they're not in your favor.

beth: Doing my best!

rr: Quiet so far, and fingers are crossed. This definitely sucks!

lisoosh: I agree too, but it's all so damned frustrating, and "suddenly" finding one's self within range puts a whole new spin on things. Will drop you an email soon...

savtadotty: That's essentially what I'm doing. Have calmed down a bit, but still not overly thrilled at the way things are going. Thank god for the coffee (and the bottle of white wine I polished off over the weekend)...