Thursday, November 10, 2005

Terror in Jordan

I know I've already posted today, but I just wanted to condemn the latest in a series of attacks perpetrated by Al Qaeda, designed to sow fear and terror and destroy innocent lives. This latest attack, this time targeting the people of Jordan, has served to show that these fanatics will stop at nothing, and no one is immune. My hope is that this will finally act as a wake up call to those who have remained silent in the face of such acts. Terror must be condemned and fought in all of its forms, or the terrorists will win and the global community will cease to exist as we know it. My sympathies go out to the Jordanian people, and my prayers are with the victims and their families.


Ziad said...

Thank you

rami said...

Greetings from a Jordanian!

I am happy to hear this condemnation from Israel. I am a believer of peace and I have challenged those unblievers of peace many times by going to Israel and making friendships with Israelis.

I salute you!

Liza said...

Good for you, Rami! It is up to people like us to break down stereotypes and work together towards peace. Peace between governments is just a piece of paper if the people in these nations are still at war.

Sabri Hakim said...

thank you