Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yalla, Kadima, or… Ode to a Mustache

The game is on, the scene’s been set. The players playing without a net.

Politicians running to and fro – no one knows which way they’ll go!

We watch in awe, we watch with glee, for who knows what next we’ll see?

Sharon and Peres, Peres and Sharon, wish they’d realize their crows have flown.

With all due respect, their time has passed. How long can their careers really last?

Perhaps it’s time for someone new. Mr Mustache, could it be you?

The parties are changing, the Likud’s in a snit – their ranks have really taken a hit!

The faces in Labor are changing as well – Yechimovitch and Braverman, too many to tell.

Then there’s Kadima – the biggest surprise!

Politicians are joining from far and from near – opportunists the lot, it’s really quite clear!

We wait and we watch. We watch and we wait. To join up with Sharon is to seal one’s own fate.

More changes to come, of this I’ve no doubt. Excitement is what the game’s all about!

Who will go and who will stay? Place your bets, there’s politics to play!

Three months of posturing – it’s what lies ahead. Everyone knows there's much more to be said!

Finally, but finally, it’s gotten exciting, and not in a way that’s depressing and frightening.

Shunted aside are the scandals and bribes, in favor of intrigue and positive vibes.

The public can feel it, the change in the air. So much going on, and suddenly we care!

One thing’s for certain, one thing is clear - Yalla, Kadima! The mustache is here!


He said...

I have to be the first to say - amazing! Love it!

Nicole said...

I love it too!

ontheface said...

I love it three! Yup, change is in the air and everyone is talking about it.

nrg said...

You've done the man from Springfield proud. I'm quite sure that, had Dr. Seuss the opportunity to comment on the current political scene in Israel, it would have sounded just like that! Excellent!

Ziad said...

As a Middle-Eastern news junky I'm having so much fun with stuff; it's such great entertainment! Keep it coming you'all :)

On a more serious note, I think we might be heading to a golden opportunity for peace after the next Israeli elections. I sure hope it comes to fruition this time!

timna said...

It sounds exciting indeed.

squarepeg said...

Well done!
Of opportunists, you see, we've never a dearth (on Arik, on Bibi, on Shimon, on Mustache!)
Campaigning forever for all that they're worth!
rah rah.

Liza said...

There once was a man called Sharon, who wanted to be on his own. To Likud he said, "see ya! I'm going Kadima!", and now their whole future is blown. :-)