Thursday, October 19, 2006

"She gets feisty in a positive way..."

My pal over at Anglosaxy sent me a link to a post written by a relatively new blogger who is clearly very astute. Be sure to check out my muse for some interesting reading, and in the meantime, I've included the more salient points from his/her original post right here.

"First up, Anglosaxy is a site by a Brit who lives in Israel. I found this site very uplifting to read more so during the insurgency period of time when I had no clue of what was happening in that part of the world and was not too bothered with looking up what the newspapers had to say about it. I've given up on the reports that come out from newspapers with regards to political warfare since the movie on the fake war came out - I think it was called Shoot the Dog. I've complimented this site with Something Something, another one of the sites from Israel. I have a feeling this site's author is a journo by profession as the writing is articulate and precise, with honesty
thrown in on most occasions and sincerity sprinkled around in times of moderate contemplation. The author's opinion gives me the impression that at times when the going gets tough, she gets feisty in a positive way."

Azzuri also goes on to mention two of my other favorite blogs - Rami's Wall and Shenanigans, which are written by two of my favorite bloggers, both of whom, I also consider to be friends, thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, chat and email. But, you'll have to go check out my muse if you want to see what he/she has to say about them. After all, if I put the entire post here, you won't feel the need to give him/her any traffic, and we all remember what it's like to be newbies in the blogosphere, so go on... Check it out...


Arik said...

Cool... so many positive superlatives just for you. Seems like you should become what he thinks you already are - a journo by profession.

Beth said...

Right back atcha babe! Even if you do think I look like CC... ;)

azzuri said...

gee, thanks for the heads up! as if you don't know it already, I think you should pursue that dream/goal/ambition of yours to become a're perfectly made for it! your 'reporting' style resembles that of a famous CNN reporter..