Tuesday, December 04, 2007

You're spending Chanukah where?

Chanukah – the festival of lights, begins this evening at sundown. At work, we had a company candle lighting ceremony, where I managed to scarf down an outstanding, obscenely calorie-ridden sufganiya filled with caramel, while at the same time explaining the holiday and the ceremony to a visiting colleague from Korea (who was already acquainted with said sufganiya, following a trip last week to one of the local bakeries with my officemate, who had an insatiable craving).

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am a big fan of Tom Lehrer, so it seems only fitting that I wish all of my celebrating readers a happy Chanukah with Tom Lehrer's fabulous little holiday ditty…

Happy Chanukah to all, and to all a good night.

Chanukah in Santa Monica

Tom Lehrer

I'm spending Channukah in Santa Monica
Wearing sandals, lighting candles by the sea
I spent Shavuos in East Saint Louis
A charming spot but clearly not the spot for me...

Those eastern winters, I can't endure 'em
So every year I pack my gear and come out here til Purim

Rosh Hashona I spend in Arizona
And Yom Kippah way down in Mississippah

But in December there's just one place for me
Mid the California flora I'll be lighting my menorah
Like a baby in its cradle I'll be playing with my dreidel
Here's to Judas Maccabeus, Boy if he could only see us

Spending Chanukah, in Santa Monica, By the Sea!


The Miner said...

hannukah semeach.

Jill's test said...

Hi Liza:

Ton Lehrer lives not far from me in the beach town of Santa Cruz, CA. While shopping there, I met an older woman who excitedly told me she was getting ready for a date with "the only celebrity in Santa Cruz." There are few celebrities there, so I wondered who that could be. When she asked me if I knew the song "Be Prepared," I guessed who that was. Also, my sister lived a few doors down from him in Santa Cruz. She often saw him on his bicycle looking rather grim. Reportedly, he gave up writing satirical songs because he felt things were getting so bad in the world he couldn't find the humor in it any more.

Jill Holdaway

Rami said...

i am going to a hannukah party... whatever that is.. tonight in stockholm! happy hannukah.. I am sure i will be learning more about the holiday tonight ;)