Sunday, January 14, 2007

80s Music Video Sunday #6

Two things stand out with regard to my wedding (aside from the obvious fact that it was, in fact my. wedding.). One would be the horse that neighed rather loudly during a pause in the outdoor ceremony (which, strangely enough, we didn't hear, and couldn't understand why everyone was laughing all of a sudden), and the other would be the fact that less than two months before the wedding, we discovered that Peter Gabriel's multi-stage world music concert would be taking place by the amphitheater next to where the wedding was being held and that the sound checks were to be held at the same time as our outdoor ceremony, causing us to call all of our guests and let them know that the ceremony was being pushed up by an hour in order to avoid conflict with the sound checks. Aside from one other minor blip, when one of the waitresses during the cocktail hour was heard to be telling guests that she thought what was on her tray was ham (it wasn't, for as the non-Jewish NRG pointed out to her that all the food was Kosher, so chances were excellent that she was not wandering amongst the guests with a tray of ham), the remainder of the wedding went off without a hitch.

A number of our guests (including the rabbi) jokingly felt the need to tell us that they were really torn, and couldn't decide between our wedding reception and the WOMAD concert, and frankly, I couldn't blame them. Aside from Peter Gabriel and a whole slew of other marvelous acts, there was to be a performance by one of my favorite bands from the late 80s – Crowded House. I fell hard for their sound at the beginning of my freshman year, and even managed to rope one of my new friends into bussing out to the boonies with me to attend one of their concerts, which, as I recall, was absolutely amazing. (If any former members of Crowded House are reading this, please note that I turned down a U2 concert that was happening that same night much closer to home, such was my love for y'all.) Attempts were even made to try to get them to pop over to the wedding, but they were unsuccessful.

What made me think of Crowded House for today's 80s Music Video Sunday entry? Well, it's probably because I should be in New Zealand right now, where Crowded House originated. NRG spent the weekend flying out there from Norway (I received SMS reports from all stops along the way), and friend and infrequent commenter Mary from Wisconsin and her sister made their way from the US late last week. And what was it, exactly, that was bringing them halfway around the world? Nothing short of a wedding – the wedding of friend and infrequent commenter Finspadre to other friend Finsmadre. While I'll spare you some of the more personal details, I will give you a bit of background information. While in high school, NRG, Mary from Wisconsin and Finspadre became fast friends as foreign exchange students in Honduras. Contact was maintained afterwards, and when Finspadre and Finsmadre moved to London, contact with NRG and family became even more frequent. NRG and I were also very much in contact via email, chats, etc, and at some point, she began including me in group emails with the others, and despite the fact that I haven't actually met any of them (aside from NRG), we are all friends, as we've emailing and texting for several years now. Along with the others, we were invited to join their wedding celebrations in New Zealand. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it (though eternal thanks to Finspadre for periodically sending me information about possible flight routes from Tel Aviv), but even though I can't be with them in person, I can be there in spirit, which is why this week's 80s Music Video Sunday is dedicated to the gang battling vicious jetlag as they sightsee their way across New Zealand.

My absolute favorite Crowded House song is "Don't Dream it's Over", but since I am dedicating this week's entry to friends celebrating a wedding, you'll forgive me for thinking that song doesn't quite set the tone I'm looking for. Fortunately, these guys have produced a slew of amazing songs, and choosing one to feature here was only a matter of deciding which one seemed most appropriate for the occasion.

So, in honor of the wedding of Finspadre and Finsmadre and the gang who traveled halfway around the world to help them celebrate, I've chosen "Something So Strong", because in my mind it most symbolizes these incredible friendships that have endured for so long, despite the distances and the passing of time (and ties in rather nicely with the whole New Zealand theme).

Something So Strong
by N. Finn & M. Froom
(courtesy of Lyrics Expert)

Love can make you weep
Can make you run for cover
Roots that spread so deep
Bring life to frozen ground

Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today

Turning in my sleep
Love can leave you cold
Taste of jealousy
Is like a lust for gold

Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today

I've been feeling so much older
Frame me and hang me on the wall
I've seen you fall into the same trap
This thing is happening to us all

Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today


RR said...

Great pick! Love Crowded House, though I'm not wild about "Don't Dream It's Over"- maybe I heard it too many times back in the day, I don't know. But I adore "Something So Strong" - and "Weather With You" is also great.

I'm really enjoying your Sunday 80s music picks- waiting to see what your first American pick will be!

Nicole said...

Love the choice! (and the New Zealand bit too of course)

lisoosh said...

Ooooh Crowded House. Didn't discover them till college when a friend used to play "Don't Dream its Over" over and over when depressed (she was depressed a lot).
Did you know Nick Finn plays a song on one of the Wiggles videos?

You should have complained to Peter Gabriels concert people and gotten them to send over free tickets/backstage passes or even better, money.

When I got married, "Muriels Wedding" was all the rage. As such, we had a lot of fights with the DJ over music.
Long story FIL took too long getting to the chupa, so there I am, walking down the "aisle", my chosen music ends, and on comes........ABBA's "Dancing Queen".
I almost died of shame.

Life Out East said...

I liked Weather With You but that's about it for Crowded House. Never really got into them. Maybe I've missed out.

Jessica Brogan said...

I am just tickled that you can write the "i am not radical" post and then write this :) cracks me up. you are a great writer.

the NZ gang!! said...

we love you dear! hugs from NZ!

Snorkled that how you spell that?

Loved the pick! You're the best, you radical you!


woman wandering said...

You can't imagine how this delighted me :) The opening music ... 'Black Night' or something like that, was the piece of music the teenage boy band practiced endlessly in the school hall next to my childhood home but then ... then to hear Neil Finn !! Ahhh sounds from home, thank you.