Monday, February 12, 2007

More Odds & Ends

Every once in a while I feel the need to do an Odds & Ends post. For some reason that I haven't figured out yet, I tend to shy away from writing short blog entries. That being said, I often find myself running across interesting tidbits of information or brief exchanges with the Little One that are quite bloggable, and yet, on their own, they don't provide quite enough fodder for an entire post. I save the tidbits and exchanges for a rainy day (figuratively speaking, of course, given that it's quite sunny and pleasant outside right now), and post them all at once.

Dispensing with the serious stuff first... I recently read a brilliantly written post on the dismal state of Israeli PR and how one specific individual in the Government Press Office has significantly impacted the working conditions of both foreign and local journalists here in Israel, consequently lending a hand to the way that Israel is often portrayed in the media. I strongly recommend checking out the article, written by the masterful SnoopyTheGoon over at Simply Jews. Reading the article should give those of you not familiar with what seems to be the pervasive attitude of the Israeli leadership and its working methods will finally be able to understand why some of us are grumbling so much.

I hesitated about whether or not to share this next tidbit with you. On the one hand, the natural inclination is to share that which brings you joy. On the other hand, if I let you in on my secret, does this mean that the secret is ruined? As you may have guessed, I've decided to be the bigger person here, and take my chances by spilling the beans. The comments of gratitude that come rolling in (Ha!) will be more than enough to placate me.

Thanks to a dear friend, I have discovered one of the best music sites ever! With a huge selection of hits from the 1950s through the mid-1980s (with more being added all the time), movie and TV theme songs, genres ranging from Country to Classical to Caribbean, you can't help but become addicted if you find yourselves spending your days in front of a computer like I do. If this all sounds good to you, head on over to Tropical Glen, a website containing all that I've mentioned and much, much more. I promise you won't be sorry. Go on, then. I'll wait. Check it out, poke around. Visit the Featured Artist Archive, be sure not to miss the MTV Era. This site is definitely a winner in my book.

Riding in the car the other morning, Little One and I are talking and laughing. Suddenly, his face gets all serious, and he looks at me and says, "Mommy, tell me a secret." I look him in the eyes and whisper, "I love you, Little One." Then it's my turn. "Little One, tell me a secret." He looks me in the eyes and whispers solemnly, "I want ice cream."


Jessica said...

Aww :) He's so honest! LOL. That's a great trait in kids.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, Liza, for the (exaggerated, surely, but of course, based on a solid fundament) praise. Furiously blushing here.

Thanks for the music tip, too. Being stuck in that oldies era, this is precisely my tipple.

And re love vs. ice cream: The Man is right. Although, with me it is pistachio nuts ;-)

Stefanella said...

I want ice cream too! Mommy, can I have ice cream? Please? Pretty please? LOL!!!!

Vanessa said...

I can watch those shows where kids do and say the funiest things for hours and hours. I never ever tire of them. Please, don't hesitate to share many. I have already clicked over to The Jukebox, so now I have to go and remain in this chair for hours.. How fun!! Can't wait...:) Thank you for sharing!!

My Marrakech said...

That's a very solemn secret, indeed - he must love you very, very much.